zondag 4 juni 2017

Theresa May's plans

Theresa May's plans include companies and the rich pay less taxes. The small self-employed and the poor pay more tax and the elderly who are demented have to pay more health care. 

A little about this capitalistic and liberal system that started in the 80.

Less government rights, less regulation, a more robust free market economy, British and Americanism with a foreign policy that had as his unofficial motto, "POWER IS RIGHT". 

Where greed and deregulation go hand in hand, in recent decades under the influence of neo-liberal thinking and the American writer Ayn Rand, which presents selfishness as the highest virtue, is the moral of doing business has changed visibly. In addition to the 2008 credit crisis, which has caused major economic damage that we all have to pay the price, also has the most billionaires ever delivered.

Lanaria Amberkira 04-06-2017 

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