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Actual Causers

Actual Causers

The main causes of this global misery and extreme poverty, is Market Capitalism and liberal system, where greed and deregulation go hand in hand, where selfishness is presented as the highest virtue, where the morality of doing business has changed visibly and is completely out of balance. Also completely out of balance is deadly terrorism and the horrible extremism, jihadist ideology.

Society must not serve economics, but economics must serve society.

Extremism is evil and deadly terrorism through the horrible extremism, jihadist ideology, is very terrible and very wrong.

Every time the market capitalist system is underexposed and gets little attention and we need to stay focused on the true causes and not blame the minorities or playing the victim, because we are not only victims but also responsible for our thinking and doing.

Note: people have been oppressed since the beginning and some men had/have power and want nothing more than maintaining power, or strengthening, and nothing has changed since the beginning.

Since Milton Friedman introduced market capitalism and introduced a limited government, where he won them the Nobel Prize in 1976 for economics, democracy is a dying swan. Friedman is the founder of monetarism and adviser of Ronald Reagan's presidency. Along with Margaret Thatcher, Reagan defended it; Less government rights, less regulation, a more robust free market economy, British and American foreign policy which had as his unofficial motto, " POWER IS RIGHT",  and that went completely out of balance.

Economy, banking, oil and the dollar must be defended at all costs, even at the cost of wars.

All our governments, whether left, right, liberal, it does not matter, they have all become puppets of the system, and the population are more and more victims of this corrupt system and now has had become  "The Great Dissatisfaction" of the people. This is the reason why the population en masse said "No" to this Europe, to this America and Worldwide, said "No" to this establishment and to this old established political parties. Economic is completely out of balance.

The EU is an economic union, which has indeed brought us a lot, such as peace and prosperity. But now is the time for the EU, the establishment and the economy to serve humanity, because peace, prosperity, security are now under severe pressure caused by the same authorities.

Furious indignation convert to Political Changes.

Less inequality, especially between men, women and wages, less unemployment and economic malaise. Less focused on companies, more focused on the people. With emphasis on values such as Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Sovereignty. Renew democracy, this is of great importance that the ancient Institutions that led to corruption and crisis, have come under the control of citizens. Besides democratization much emphases on anti-fraud measures and corruption. Introducing basic income and social housing, privatization of state assets should be stopped, as rebuilding social security, such as various health facilities, education, pension etc. Collaborating on grounds of taxes and fight corruption. Much less betting on companies. No fortress America, Europe. Mutual respect for peace, solidarity, respect other peoples, countries and cultures. Legalize Marijuana. Much more attention on environment and nature, and focused on the future generations.

Cooperation for peace, prosperity, freedom and well-being, as it is threatened now, to jointly resist, hand in hand, as one, as one race, the human race.

Too Big Egos                                                                                                                                      

(We need a little ego, for surviving and self-confidence)

What also threatened society is huge, beyond deadly terrorism and the horrible extremism, jihadist ideology, the big ego's that are leaders of some countries which are elected by the people. Big megalomaniac narcissists that draw more power for themselves, who can not stand criticism of the opposition and free press, and want to suppress the people. Men who are successful and are adored and create more testosterone and adrenaline through their success, becomes highly addictive.

Power and greed always corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolute, therefore power must have a limited shelf life time. And the narcissist always want more power and more his own right, and therefore creates the greatest danger to our fragile democracy and peace. Some narcissists are  completely out of balance.

Stay awake, listen to your conscience and your inner voice.

Because so much happens in the world, we wander what next? It is imperative to remember the roots of the real "misery" in our souls and eyes, which is capitalistic market and egos!  We, the people, must keep our attention too implement political and human changes for a better and environmentally friendly society.

"Divide and Conquer by Chaos"

Gaius Julius Caesar (July 12/13 ± 100 BC -. March 15, 44 BC.) Was a Roman politician, general, writer and master strategist and wielded "Divide et Impera" against the Gallic tribes, the Belgians were the bravest, to overcome them. It proved a very successful formula, which is used until today, because the elite knows that the people are with many, and those in power with few.


Lanaria Amberkira  03-04-2017 .                                                                                                     Edited by the lovely Gabriela Canastraro Kolodko. Thanks xxx
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