zaterdag 28 januari 2017

"Fairly and with respect".

                                                  "Fairly and with respect".

 "Fairly and with respect".

Let us play a game of question and answer. We love to play games. Only answer questions with 'yes' or 'no'.  It only requires a few minutes of your free time.

 1) When President Trump said about the cancellation of the meeting with the Mexican President; "If Mexico America is not treated "fairly and with respect", we will cancel the agreements." Question: Is Mexico treated fairly and with respect? Yes or no?

2) Trump put signatures to restart, in two places, the construction of pipelines, because it will bring work! Question: Was that "fairly and with respect" to Native Americans, the environment and the eco-friendly alternatives, which presumably provide much more work? Yes or no?

3) Trump forbids war refugees and stops the financing. And then we don't ask, for convenience, the question, who is the cause of this misery. Question: Is it "fairly and with respect" and pro-life policies, where people have left their homes to flee the countless wars and then don't get help? 'Yes' or 'No'.

4) Question: When Trump's team forbids the publication of  science and scientific studies / results, is that "fairly and with respect" and pro-life policies? Yes or no?

5) Is it "fairly and with respect" and pro-life policies, where freedom of speech, freedom of publication and freedom of thought is forbidden? Yes or no?

6) President Trump cares a lot about Hillary Clinton but she received more votes, the so-called popular vote. In fact, his inaugurations drew less visitors. Question: Is it so important for the American people and is it "fairly and with respect"? Yes or no?

7) Question: Is torture "fairly and with respect" and a pro-life policy? Yes or no?

8) The media is properly attacked. Question: Would it be "fairly and with respect" when there is no media anymore? Yes or no?

9) Trump is a pro-life president. Question: Are all these measures, a "fairly and with respect", a pro-life policies or only for Mister President Trump and America? '' yes' or 'no'?

10) Last question:  When all these measures be applied to President Trump and the American People? Is that "fairly and with respect" and pro-life policy? Yes or no?

Thank you for your attention. There are no prizes to hand out, no winners and losers, because we are all winners and losers.

"Fairly and with respect" is not a one-way direction. Two people are required to dance the tango.

Epilogue:  One could say where he is interfered with, "it's not your country!" Because globalization has brought everything   together, connected, impacted, and influenced the whole world, there is now only one real country and that is Planet Earth. In addition, this is the case because of the presence of weapons of mass destruction.

It is easier to talk, if one is by far the largest super power of the world.
​Budget: $536 billion.
If we take the other countries in the top ten together, then they have not spent as much as the United States. Moreover, the US military has the latest and best technology and a huge trained force. And of course, no country in the world has more nuclear weapons than the US.

The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history. (George Orwell)

Lanaria Amberkira.  02-02-2017                  Blogspot:                                 Video peace message

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