zaterdag 19 augustus 2017

The war must go on.

                                      The war must go on.

Meanwhile, the horrendous and chaotic war in the Middle East is going through in heavy harshness. In Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and so one, killing and starving children and innocents on a daily base and even more, after Trump is president, and we don't hear about it, in main media.

Why??. The war must go on.

The Military Industrial Complex has its best lobbyist ever, namely Trump and family and IS is supported by many stakeholders and its about oil, dollars and pipelines. In addition, private companies, so-called security companies, like Black Water and Aegis, fight together, with local combat units. and western allies. These private armies do not work softly and humanly, and I still express myself softly.

No country and special America do not want that soldiers are bringing back in body bags, after the Vietnam War.

I prefer love, peace, respect, understanding and dialogue, and that the billions of money of war weapons spend on poverty, education and care for all and spend the money on saving our world.

Lanaria Amberkira 19-08-2017
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