woensdag 15 maart 2017

Be not White, Be not Black, Have all The Colors in your Heart.

Be not White, Be not Black, Have all The Colors in your Heart.

Freedom, democracy, power to the people, is grossly abused by government, populists, even terms like fascism and Nazism are not avoided and abused with the goal, to destroy the laborious achievements such as freedom and democracy in order to increase their own power.

Criticism and opposition are dismissed as fake news, or even put in jail. They impose on us their will, and ruthlessly intimidate people, and even over their  own borders they intimidate people.

Although the media is colored and unfortunately not operate truly independent, it is essential that there is media. Media, freedom of expression, freedom of human rights are important pillars of democracy, otherwise one gets populist propaganda and democracy dies. Because of the fact that the media are under pressure, it is more important to report news truthfully.

Big Egos and narcissists entangling society. Chest drumming,  from everywhere. Even in our own country we witness the growth of narcissism egos from the ground. Those big egos, narcissists, supposedly are on the side of the people and our culture, talking to the people, to our culture, but DO NOT BE FOOLED! Egos absolutely never represent the people, because of the simple fact that egos, narcissists have no empathy and feel only love for themselves.

By success, their egos are growing enormously, and soon they "look down from the cloud" at the common people.  Always hungry for more power and more adoration.  As a result, we deal with megalomania, and a total loss of sense of reality.  Unfortunately, their "reality" is reality. Egos, narcissists do not tolerate contradiction.

Society is no longer living together.

Populism and polarization strangled and divided our fragile society. Living together echoed away in our lonely anonymous streets. The pillars of freedom and democracy tremble in their foundations. Populism does need enemies. Populism grows like a cancer and when one does not quickly tackle the root causes, it turns into death and destruction. Eventually turns democracy into fascism and Nazism.

Dissatisfaction effects many, including me. Dissatisfaction with the establishment, with the corruption of our governments, with the uncertainties and dangers. Let those dissatisfaction feelings stay focused on the real causes such as the multinationals, the banks, the market capitalism and Neo-liberalism.

Those are the roots of the great dissatisfaction from, which, in turn, create wars, oppression and poverty and certainly is not solved by populists, on the contrary! Populists divide, polarize, creating more chaos, hatred, fear and anger,because that are the pillars were populists build their empire on.

Minorities are not to blame, not other cultures, not religions, not gays, not Mexicans, not refugees. NO, they are just like us, the victims of this corrupt system, which wants more and more power, where economy, and more money are much more important over the environment and human rights, and where democratic governments and social achievements are stripped. Where selfishness has become a virtue.

Diversity is an enrichment and diversity provides  new perspective.

Luckily I live in one of the more "democratic countries", namely the Netherlands, where freedom of expression is a virtue, where much is negotiable. In some other countries who screaming at his hardest, with slogans like "free democracy, not fascism and Nazism," democracy is stripped. Opposition and press are put in jail,  and their own power is strengthened and extended.

Democracy is not flawless, but it is the best system for our freedoms, for our human rights. Some cultures prefer a strong leader, which is a choice, but leave democracy to a democracy. The world needs a modesty with leaders reaching out to people, politicians adorn, less ego, less narcissism and more in the service of humanism.

When you have time find the definitions of: Democracy, Fascism, Nazism, nationalism, despotism and dictatorship, or Ego, Narcissist and Psychopath.

The world needs more loving and respectful solutions, more humane solutions. The future is more important, the future of Mother Earth, the future of the next generations, and only through respect, love, understanding, there is a future for a better world, renewing democracy and real freedom.

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dump and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. George Washington

Lanaria Amberkira    15-03-2017                                                                                                   Thanks for Edit,  Gabriela Canastraro Kolodko. xxx

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