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When people talk about power, they  like stories about the strongest animals and thats it a hard and  ruthless world, the strongest of the fittest, which is the natural and animal behavior, concluding that it is a normal phenomenon and so, what can you do ???

               Three animal stories

1)  Buffalo's and Elephants. When one of their members is attacked, for example, by a group of Lions, and they put their collective counterattack, they can usually free the calf attacked or another member of the community.

2)  Lions. Everyone wants to be a lion. But a lion really has no royal life. First he and his brothers put out the group and live for 3.4 years as nomads and mostly hunted depraved flesh eating. When they are strong and mature, if they reach that age as nomads, and form a strong coalition, they can care for their offspring, a group consisting of female members, forming a continuity as a group. (When constantly new strong male members temporarily welcome the group, the DNA of their offspring has the best chance to survive).Then after no more than five years older royal lions are chased away by other temporary kings.

One of the biggest coalition  of royalties Lions are formed by the "Brothers in Blood" The lions of Sabi Sand. Six brothers, who conducted a reign of terror, and more than 100 lions, lionesses killed and bady's. Through mutual hierarchy came division and eventually when Mister T (The most violent one), went a kind of  crazy their kingdom was history. Especially Mister T  death was terrible, but fighting until his last breath, to the end.

3) Bonobos (as we know, our DNA  is coming from the Chimpansee and Bonobo (98%)) Bonobos have a female structure, where social problems (sexual) are dissolved. If after correcting behavior, the troublemaker / star, still the community affected, he / she will be collectively put, by the female deputies,  from the group and will  be allowed again, if his / her behavior is acceptable to the community.

We, people are just a bit different, have different talents and  qualities, just to rise above our animal behavior and to create a community for the benefit of our societies, for the benefit of the community, because we are all ultimately family, because we are human.
(Life is  actually simple, we just make life difficult)
Lanaria Amberkira.         https://www.facebook.com/stoptheselfishnessofgreed

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